Dharma & Tummo

Not unlike the sorting hat for juniors attending Hogwarts, Day 1 at Axis Connect had us placed us into two groups named Dharma and Tummo. Though we had a number of opportunities to bond as one unit, the Dharma’s and Tummo’s made for smaller groups during masterclasses, allowing us individualized attention and more room to dance. But where do the group names come from? What do they mean and how do they relate to our art?

Welcome to the Axis Connect Blog!

The excitement and momentum for Axis Connect 2017 is building as we approach our second annual summer intensive! Axis Connect is a platform for dance artists from across the globe to share knowledge, tools and artistry in masterclasses, rehearsals, panels, lectures, networking and performance opportunities. It is not unlike a self-discovery process, guiding us to learn how to carve our own paths and become the artists and people we can only imagine to be.