Welcome to the Axis Connect Blog!

The excitement and momentum for Axis Connect 2017 is building as we approach our second annual summer intensive. Axis Connect is a platform for dance artists from across the globe to share knowledge, tools, and artistry in masterclasses, rehearsals, panels, lectures, networking and performance opportunities. It is not unlike a self-discovery process, guiding us to learn how to carve our own paths and become the artists and human beings we strive to be. In anticipation of our upcoming, jam-packed and inspiring weeks in both New York City and Los Angeles, we’ve decided to blog about Axis Connect.

From remembering the huge impact and success stories of last year’s intensive to introducing what is to come, this blog will reveal exciting information about the Axis 2017 guest artists, share stories of what last year’s Axis guest artists and dancers are up to now, connect us with the Barton family and immerse us in what it truly means to be a part of the Axis Connect community.

Cherice and Charissa Barton have been continually carving their own paths, having shared award-winning careers in dance, spanning over thirty years in thirty-five countries across six continents. With a unique eye for transforming dance into inspired, emotional and visually stunning work, the Barton sisters have collaborated on numerous notable projects on stage and in film, Broadway and network television. They’ve explored avenues both within and outside of the dance world, empowering them to not only be the most successful artists they can be, but more importantly, seeking paths which have led them to a happier and more satisfied existence as creative human beings. It is no wonder they have become the perfect team, creating a program that bridges the gap between the institution and the professional dance industry by providing the experience, skills and exposure necessary for career success, and a lifetime of personal growth.

In the coming weeks leading up to Axis Connect 2017, you can look forward to diving deeper into the world of Axis Connect and carving a path of your own!