Who is AXIS CONNECT for?

Renegades, boundary pushers, savvy artists, and dancers with curious spirits. 

AXIS CONNECT is designed for both early career dancers looking to bridge the gap between school and professional life, and professional dancers, eager to rediscover themselves and reconnect with industry leaders. 

We attract artists who want to explore all career possibilities, who understand the importance of networking, and who seek to push the boundaries of the industry.

When AND WHERE is Axis Connect?

2019 Program Dates:

NEW YORK CITY: July 31st - August 9th

LOS ANGELES: August 12th- August 17th

how DO I audition?

Please visit our Auditions page for details.

Is AXIS CONNECT like Springboard?

AXIS CONNECT is not unlike Springboard in that we help ease the transition to a career for our dancers. We also expose dancers to career opportunities that go beyond the traditional concert dance path. AXIS CONNECT is a comprehensive experience that demonstrates there is no "best" way to approach a dance career. We want AXIS dancers to discover that they can truly carve their own paths.


AXIS CONNECT is the first dance summer intensive to offer an experience that includes both New York City and Los Angeles. As the two major dance hubs in the US, we feel it important for dancers to experience dance life in both cities.

How do I get from NYC to Los Angeles?

AXIS CONNECT does not automatically book flights from Los Angeles to NYC. However, assistance will be provided upon request via our travel coordinator for a nominal fee. Our travel coordinator is an expert at finding the best travel options, so we encourage attendees to take advantage of this assistance. Email admin@theaxisconnect.com for more information.

What does my tuition cover?

Please see our Details page.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships will be available. Most scholarships will be granted with a work study requirement.

Do you offer payment plans?

Upon acceptance into the program, a deposit of $250 is required by March 15th to secure your spot. Please contact us for payment options.

Have other questions?

Please email admin@theaxisconnect.com

Photo credit: Nicole Rivelli