Ari Loeb

Ari Loeb, a native of Los Angeles, began dancing at age 9. He dedicated himself to the art of ballet, and eventually modern, until he joined MOMIX in 2002. Ari toured the world with MOMIX, Pilobolus, and Cirque du Soleil, from 2002-2009, performing in 30 countries, and over 350 cities. He then began working as a choreographer, doing TV shows, events, and operas in cities such as Stockholm, Rome, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Dubai, and New York. After joining the creative team of “Spider-Man: On Broadway”, Ari met some stunt performers that showed him the ways of Hollywood action. He moved back home to L.A. to pursue stunt performance, and since has been featured in shows like “Kong: Skull Island”, “The Walking Dead”, “Marvel’s The Defenders”, “KC Undercover”, and more. Now, Ari works in the stunt industry, doing martial arts, riding wires, sliding cars, and falling down repeatedly. He lives in Atlanta with his cat, Lejon.