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Craig Henningsen

Born Craig Arthur Henningsen in Winfield, Illinois on August 20, 1987 to parents Peter and Carly Henningsen. At a young age, the parents separated leaving Craig and older brother, Christian to live with the father. While Peter worked several jobs as a single parent, Craig went to a neighborhood babysitter, where he sparked an interest in martial arts from the black belt sitter.

Craig started taking classes at Sharkey's Karate in Naperville, Illinois learning from world class instructors John Sharkey and Matt Mullins. Known by his peers to be competitive and tenacious, Craig trained everyday to reach greatness in the martial art world. Over the course of his competitive youth tours, he holds three world and thirty five national titles, two ESPN ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) Championships and unconverted three back-to-back AKA (American Karate Association) Warrior Cup wins. He is a second degree black belt in Shorei-Ryu karate.

During this time, Craig began his career in the entertainment industry. He was discovered by Jackie Chan's manager in the Emmy Award winning Discovery Channel documentary XMA: Xtreme Martial Arts Balancing school and his acting training, Craig traveled back and forth from Chicago to Los Angeles meeting with Hollywood's top producers. Under his manager's guidance, they met with John Woo , 'Lorenzo Di Bonaventura' , Lawrence Bender , and Neal H. Moritz to create a vehicle for the next action star.

With the history of action franchises and introducing young actors, Craig landed a development deal with New Line Cinema and producer Mark Ordesky. . Screenwriter, Bob Soderstrom wrote an action thriller called South Halsted, attached with Craig as the led. Ultimately the script was not picked up by the studio.

Later, Craig made his film debut in a John Gulager film, Feast III: The Happy Finish playing a heroic supporting character named Jean Claude-Seagal, real life martial art stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal Craig will appear next in a Simone Bartesaghi film Run along with William Moseley , Kelsey Asbille , and Eric Roberts