Albert Esquilin AKA The Ghost of New York

Pioneer & King of freeform bruk up dancing, pioneer of The Ghost Walk & pivot stepping/bruk up style gliding. As a child Albert was in a tragic accident that crushed his leg. He grew up with a leg brace and went through the normal teasing of a handicapped child, but it served a greater purpose in his future. He eventually overcame the injury and even more, was blessed with abnormal strength and balance control later as a young man from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. During his J.H.S years his cousin Shawn (poba) Theagene was very popular in school and the center of attention at every party, doing the dance called the "bruk up." Albert didn't have much knowledge of the style but as a childhood fan of Micheal Jackson, was able to teach himself how to pop on beat from the understanding of his feet. He progressed at a wild rate, dancing to full songs with footwork as if his feet were speaking the words of the song. His love for occult movies like Innocent Blood and Lost Boys characters like vampires, spirits, supernatural and superior types fueled his creation of a spinoff move from "the airwalk," which looks like a traveling spirit. He soon after became known as The Ghost. As time passed he became the most feared dancer on Brooklyn streets, at the time taking the superhero approach of 2 personas: Albert and Ghost. He battled people at nightclubs with a scream mask but with a different style from his normal persona, consisting of fast pauses, musicality in his glide, contortion of the body and phantom-like movement. "Albert" was a more happy, confident, energetic character with flow & glide transition, and always waved HI as a trademark, making him recognizable. It was when he saw himself on video for the first time that CHANGED EVERYTHING - he was amazed with how he looked but knew that there was more and has been chasing it ever since.