Jessica Schatz

Jessica Schatz, Master Pilates Instructor and founder of Body By Jessica™, has become one of the most popular teachers of Pilates in Los Angeles and has created a buzz around the U.S. Jessica developed a unique proprietary program known as “Pilates for Dancers & Athletes,” which combines Pilates, Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology with specialized and targeted strength and conditioning techniques. She customizes instruction to personally address a student’s experience level and individual body type, with sophisticated adjustments for possible risk factors. Jessica utilizes PREhab - which creates a “suit of armor” and promotes career longevity. Dancers, athletes, and all who receive Jessica’s guided training, report lasting physiological benefits and long-range resiliency during and after their professional careers. The vitality and pace of Jessica’s private instruction and classes stirs motivation to work at a maximum level. Jessica inspires students who commit themselves to work to develop a lean, flexible, healthy, injury-free body that defies aging.

Jessica Schatz hails from San Francisco, CA where she danced professionally with companies including Limon West, Tandy Beal & Company, American Musical Theatre of San Jose, Opera San Jose, and others. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, Jessica choreographed musical plays and videos for over 20 years. She earned her Classical Pilates Training and Certification from direct protégés of the famed Romana Kryanowska. Jessica works in Los Angeles as well as nationally and internationally as a Master Pilates Instructor and Exercise Physiologist. Added to her Pilates certification and skills are personal trainer certification & JOGA© Coach (“Yoga for Jocks”) certification. Jessica founded Body By Jessica ™ and designed Pilates for Dancers & Athletes, a uniquely effective program that further enhanced her reputation as a Master Pilates Instructor. Her diverse clientele includes professional and non-professional dancers, current and former members of the NBA, NFL, & MLB, celebrity TV and film actors as well as general fitness enthusiasts.